After Weight-Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery requires a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle and that includes appointments with your bariatric team. Here is the appointment schedule for after surgery:

  • 2-3 weeks: Meet with surgeon or physician assistant and dietitian (small group)
  • 6 weeks: Meet with surgeon or physician assistant, psychologist (small group), and dietitian (optional)
  • 3 months: Meet with surgeon and dietitian
  • 6 months: Meet with surgeon, psychologist (small group), and dietitian
  • 9 months: Meet with surgeon and dietitian
  • 1 year: Meet with surgeon and dietitian
  • After 1 year: Meet with surgeon and dietitian twice per year (every 6 months)
  • After 2 years: Meet with dietitian twice per year (every 6 months), and meet with surgeon once per year (annually)
  • Gastric band patients will be seen more often by both the surgeon and dietitian after surgery for band adjustments or fills. Band patients may be seen every 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

You are welcome to schedule additional appointments as needed. Call your surgeon’s administrative assistant to schedule appointments.

Medical Questions

The physician assistant (PA) phone line is open during office hours at 617-732-8882.

Diet and Nutrition Questions

Visit our nutrition resources page for more information about the postoperative diet. The dietitian phone line is open during office hours at 617-732-8884.

Bariatric Forum

We encourage you to attend these meetings that are now being offered through Zoom. Ask a provider to join our facebook page or be on our email list to get the latest updates. The Bariatric Forum brings patients together to share experiences and provide support for each other. Sometimes we have discussion topics, such as plastic surgery, behavioral challenges, and holiday eating tips. Groups are free of charge and no registration is necessary.

Postoperative Behavioral Support Groups

Our psychologists, Dr. Davidson and Dr. Gorman, hold behavioral support groups. All patients will attend a group 6-8 weeks after surgery. He also holds groups for patients further out from surgery. You must register for these groups in advance and you may have a co-pay depending on your insurance company. To register, call our New Patient Coordinator at 617-732-6960.


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