Before Weight-loss Surgery

You learned a lot about the preoperative requirements for surgery in the New Patient Information Session. Need a refresher? You can view the information session packet here. It contains information about the types of surgeries we offer, the program fee, and the steps for getting started.

To help you have the safest and most successful outcome after surgery, you will need to come to several pre-operative appointments. We know your life is busy so we do our best to make your appointment schedule as simple as possible. Please remember that all of your scheduled appointments are mandatory. To schedule appointments, please call our New Patient Coordinator at (617) 732-6960.

The patient care manual contains detailed information about what to expect before surgery and during your hospital stay. You will receive a copy at the first appointment with your surgeon and you can view it online here.

All patients will start a pre-operative diet 2 weeks before surgery. The diet will be discussed during the Group Nutrition Class and you can find it on our Nutrition Resources page. If you have questions about the diet, please call the dietitians at (617) 732-8884.


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