Bariatric Surgery Financial and Insurance Information

Insurance Coverage

We accept many types of health insurance. If you will be using private insurance, please contact your insurance company to:

  • ensure that they cover bariatric surgery,
  • that Brigham and Women's Hospital or Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital is within network,
  • and ask about the out-of-pocket costs you should expect.

If you will be using health insurance from your employer, ask about the above-mentioned items. You will also need to contact your Human Resources office to ask for a list of exclusions, or services that your employer does not cover. Some employers do not cover bariatric surgery even if coverage is offered by the health insurance company.

Administrative Program Fee

All patients are charged an administrative program fee. We strive to provide the very best professional care and support while attaining your weight loss goals. This level of care requires a comprehensive program of dedicated specialists.

Questions about the Program Fee?

Please visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions. Still have questions? Please contact our Billing and Insurance Coordinator.


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