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Surgical Resident Research

The Department of Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital offers residents a quality research and academic enrichment experience, building on a long tradition which has been translated into new knowledge and procedures that benefit all. Research conducted at the Brigham has been recognized by many honors, including the Nobel Prize.

Building on generations of success, the Department of Surgery initiated a structured surgical research program for trainees in 2010 that was founded on several important principles:

  • Programmatic structure to support the development of universal research skills and functions for a variety of academic/research focuses.
  • Timeless framework for excellence.
  • A system that is as low impact on trainees, faculty and staff as possible.
  • A plan that is competitive for extramural funding and is a worthwhile, important educational experience.
  • Experience that sustains the long-standing Brigham culture, in which research skills beyond clinical training are an integral component.

Surgical Resident Research Council Administration

Director of Resident Research, Keith Ozaki, MD - Some of his contributions include the introduction of the program at medical student interview days and intern orientation, construction of the research core curriculum, periodic program evaluations, and evaluations of individual trainee progress and mentors.

Brigham Surgical Resident Research Council membership includes a program director, a director of Resident Research, one resident with research experience, a PI for all Brigham surgical NIH training grants, a Center for Surgery and Public Health administration designee, a surgical educator, a VA surgical researcher, a Boston Children's Hospital representative and a Department of Surgery Research administrative director.

Program Guidelines

  • The Brigham Surgical Resident Research Council must approve all proposed resident research tours prior to initiation. Moonlighting is permitted in moderation with the approval of the mentor.
  • Please review the Brigham Department of Surgery funding policy.
  • Mentors will be designated by the Brigham Surgical Resident Research Council for residents without a clear plan.
  • Modifications in the contract (e.g., tour dates) must receive prior approval of the Brigham Surgical Resident Research Council.
  • Please review the Postdoctoral Fellow Statement of Training and Resources.

General Timetable Example

  • March: Letter of introduction sent to categorical students.
  • June: Introduction session during intern orientation.
  • First six internship months: One-on-one meetings to determine mentors and funding strategies.
  • Winter of the first year: Initial proposal presented to the Surgical Resident Research Council; plan will be evaluated on personal, professional, economic criteria and how well it fits with the overall goals/resources of the department.
  • By end of internship year: Delineation of research tour timing.
  • One year before research tour commences: Final proposal presented to the Surgical Resident Research Council. Statement of Training and Resources to be signed by trainee, mentor, director of Resident Research and vice-chair of Research.
  • Throughout the year: Trainee works with mentor on funding applications.


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