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Thyroid and Adrenal Glands

Endocrine surgeons at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) specialize in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions of the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. Our board certified surgeons work closely with a multidisciplinary team of endocrine experts— endocrinologists, pathologists, radiologists and anesthesiologists—to provide comprehensive care for each patient.

Patients with thyroid and parathyroid problems are followed from initial diagnosis to surgery to outpatient follow-up through our internationally known Thyroid Center at BWH. Our multidisciplinary thyroid center team draws on the expertise of many specialists to deliver integrated and personalized plans for each patient.

Our specialized endocrine surgeons are among the most highly trained in minimally invasive surgery for adrenal disorders. They work closely with adrenal experts in the Center for Adrenal Disorders. Endocrine surgeons also collaborate with endocrine specialists in the Division of Endocrine, Diabetes and Hypertension to provide integrated care for patients before, during and after surgery.

Known worldwide for their skill at identifying and treating endocrine conditions, our endocrine surgeons are faculty members at Harvard Medical School and are active researchers who continually seek causes and investigate treatments for thyroid disease. We train the next generation of endocrine surgery experts through our Endocrine Surgery Fellowship Program.

Endocrine Surgery team
Left to Right: Dr. Gerard Doherty, Dr. Matthew Nehs, Dr. Nancy Cho, Dr. Jason Liu
Nancy Cho, MD

Nancy Cho, MD

Section Chief, Endocrine Surgery

Phone: (617) 732-6830
Fax: (617) 739-1728

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Gerard M. Doherty, MD

Gerard M. Doherty, MD

Surgical Oncology

Phone: (617) 732-6830
Fax: (617) 739-1728

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Jason Liu, MD

Surgical Oncology

Phone: (617) 732-8818
Fax: (617) 582-6177

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Matthew A. Nehs, MD

Matthew A. Nehs, MD

Endocrine Surgery

Phone: (617) 732-6830
Fax: (617) 739-1728

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Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery

When thyroid or parathyroid surgery is necessary, our board certified endocrine surgeons offer extensive surgical experience, performing thousands of operations per year. Specializing in minimally invasive surgical techniques that promote quicker healing, our surgeons are experts at all procedures, including thyroidectomy and lobectomy. Brigham and Women’s Hospital endocrine surgeons have unique skills in newer surgical techniques such as robotic-assisted thyroidectomy to safely remove all or part of the thyroid through an incision under the arm, eliminating neck scarring.

Adrenal Surgery

Our specialized endocrine surgeons have expertise in minimally invasive adrenal surgery. We work closely with the Center for Adrenal Disorders to provide integrated care for patients with adrenal disorders and benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous) adrenal tumors before, during and after surgery.

Thyroid Nodule Clinic

The Thyroid Nodule Clinic at BWH uses the latest diagnostic and imaging technology to evaluate suspicious thyroid nodules. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive experience examining nodules with ultrasound guidance and testing suspicious nodules through fine needle aspiration biopsy. If nodules are cancerous or very large, surgical removal is often recommended. Our Thyroid Center team works closely with patients to decide the best treatment plan.

The Thyroid Nodule Clinic maintains a registry of thyroid nodule biopsy results of BWH patients. Overseen by Erik K. Alexander, MD, the registry is one of the largest in the country and allows close monitoring of patient nodules for growth or change. The thyroid registry also serves as a source for clinical research.

Endocrine surgery services are available at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. The Thyroid Nodule Clinic is located at 221 Longwood Avenue in Boston.


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