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Kidney Transplant Research

More than 60 years after the world’s first successful human kidney transplant was performed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), researchers at BWH continue to pioneer methods for protecting the integrity of transplanted kidneys and improving outcomes for kidney transplant recipients. Leading-edge kidney transplant research studies at BWH include the investigation and development of new ways to:

  • Individualize immunosuppression for recipients and improve donor organ quality;
  • Improve the percentage of deceased donor kidneys that are transplanted and increase the utilization of older organs;
  • Identify patients with BK nephropathy using uniform testing and standardized screening, as well as study new antiviral protocols for patients with BK nephropathy;
  • Study targets that are detected subsequent to bariatric surgery and explore their potential in modifying alloimmune responses and weight loss in patients who are obese.

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