Cerebrovascular/Endovascular Neurological Surgery Fellowship

Endovascular/Cerebrovascular Neurological Surgery is a subspecialty of Neurological Surgery that uses catheter technology, radiological imaging, and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat diseases of the central nervous system. The unique clinical and invasive nature of this subspecialty requires special training and skills. The fellowship includes education and experience in the following:

  • Signs and symptoms of disorders amenable to diagnosis and treatment by neuroendovascular and cerebrovascular techniques.
  • Neurological examinations to evaluate patients with neurological disorders.
  • Pathophysiology and natural history of these disorders.
  • Indications, contraindications and decision making in neuroendovascular and cerebrovascular procedures.
  • Clinical and technical aspects of neuroendovascular and cerebrovascular procedures.
  • Medical and surgical alternatives.
  • Preoperative and postoperative management of endovascular and cerebrovascular patients.
  • Neurointensive care management.
  • Fundamentals of imaging physics and radiation biology taught by a rotating faculty of neuroradiologists and physicists.
  • Interpretation of radiographic studies pertinent to the practice.

The objective of training is to give residents/fellows an organized, comprehensive, supervised, full-time educational experience in endovascular/cerebrovascular neurological surgery. This experience includes the management of patients with neurological disease, the performance of neuroendovascular and cerebrovascular procedures, and the integration of neuroendovascular and cerebrovascular therapy into the clinical management of patients.

The two year fellowship is open to graduates of ACGME accredited Neurosurgical Residency Programs. Neurosurgical Fellows who have neuroradiology training and have completed 100 diagnostic cases will do a one year fellowship.

Program Certifications

Upon successful completion, the Fellow receives a certificate documenting their experience and successful completion of the CAST accredited fellowship.

Prerequisite Training/Neurosurgical Criteria

Fellows must have completed an ACGME accredited program or the equivalent in their home country. Consideration can be given on an individual basis to infolded fellowship for senior neurosurgical residents. Applicant must be eligible for a valid limited Massachusetts State Medical License.


Interested applicants please submit: Cover letter and CV to Dr. M. Ali-Aziz Sultan at: sultan@partners.org

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