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Nutrition and Wellness Service

Our Approach

Food and nutrition impacts us every day. At the Nutrition and Wellness Service, we believe food is a great source of pleasure and health, even for individuals faced with special nutrition needs. Together with you, your medical team, and your friends and family, our dietitians provide comprehensive nutrition assessment and counseling to meet your needs. Our goal is to guide you in making long-lasting nutrition and lifestyle changes that will help promote and enhance your well being.

Our Services

We provide the highest quality of nutritional care to patients and their families for a variety of conditions and diseases. These include: cancer, care before and after organ transplantation, heart disease, digestive disorders, pregnancy, diabetes management, sports nutrition, eating disorders, food allergies/intolerances, HIV/AIDS, vegetarian nutrition, tube feeding and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) needs, weight management, healthy eating/wellness, and many other diseases and conditions.

If you would like to find out more about our services, register for a class, or make an appointment, please contact us.

Our Staff

Our dietitians are not only experts in nutrition science, but also in communication techniques and behavioral change strategies. They will explain the science of nutrition to you in simple ways and take your unique nutrition needs into account when providing nutrition counseling. Together with you, our dietitians will create a personal plan, helping you improve your health and lifestyle by making lasting dietary changes.

Licensed registered dietitians (RDN) are the only healthcare professional trained in nutrition science. To become a dietitian, one must take nutrition science classes or complete their Masters program and complete a supervised clinical dietetic internship, accredited by ACEND.

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