OMCOSS (the Office of Mediation, Coaching, Ombuds and Support Services) Voluntary & Confidential Services

OMCOSS is committed to supporting Brigham staff, faculty and trainees as they navigate conflict and engage in the work of personal and professional growth.

OMCOSS services, which are both voluntary and confidential, include:

  • Mediation
    Support for conflict transformation
  • Coaching
    Skill building to promote continued learning
  • Ombuds
    Impartial, confidential third-party support
  • Support Services
    Peer Support and direct connection to an OMCOSS Employee Assistance Program (EAP) clinician


We believe that conflict – in the form of stress, instability, uncertainty – presents us with data and with an opportunity for personal and interpersonal growth. The mediation process holds the potential to help members of our workforce …

  • find pathways for building new understanding and agreements
  • learn about themselves
  • learn about others
  • rebuild or build relationships


Coaching is an informal, confidential and voluntary process designed to help Brigham faculty, staff and trainees identify, reflect on and achieve their professional and personal goals. The coach and coachee collaborate in a relationship-centered, results-oriented partnership. They co-create an action plan focused on the needs of the individual. Coaching nurtures the enhancement of self-directed learning and the personal and professional growth of the coachee.

Coaching can help people gain new perspective on what is possible in their professional or personal lives. Perhaps someone feels frustrated within certain relationships, is struggling to achieve a goal or is just feeling stuck. Coaching can help provide the structure, personal accountability and support needed to gain forward movement and effectiveness.


If you are a member of our workforce and have questions about whom to talk with about a confidential concern, or if you need assistance thinking through the implications of a conflict or difficulty at the organizational level, please reach out for support.

Support Services

  • The OMCOSS team has a dedicated EAP professional to help staff, faculty and trainees address psycho-social concerns and to connect them with community or other resources.
  • OMCOSS coordinates the BWH Peer Support program, which provides support to caregivers due to a challenging clinical outcome, personal loss or other stressors.


If you are not sure how to move forward, please contact us to explore a range of options.

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