Endoscopic Revision of Gastric Bypass

Experiencing weight regain after gastric bypass surgery can be frustrating. In many cases, however, an endoscopic procedure can help restore the anatomy achieved by the original surgery and put you back on the path to weight loss.

We currently offer three endoscopic revision procedures to treat weight regain after gastric bypass. These are tailored to each patient’s specific anatomy for optimal results.

These procedures include:

Our team will work closely with you to understand your pre and post-surgical history, identify the core factors contributing to weight regain, and help you decide on an appropriate revision procedure.

In this video, Debbie, a patient at the Brigham’s Center for Weight Management and Wellness, shares how an endoscopic weight-loss procedure helped her lose 70 pounds. She achieved her weight-loss goals and improved her health and quality of life. Christopher C. Thompson, MD, describes the advantages of endoscopic therapies and the center’s patient-centered approach.

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