Pharmacogenomics Clinic

The Brigham Genetics & Genomic Medicine Service Pharmacogenomics Clinic is designed to offer patients pharmacogenomic testing that may help explain past medication responses as well as guide current and future medication therapy. We also offer pharmacogenomic test result interpretation for patients who may have already had testing completed elsewhere. The clinic is a collaborative practice involving a medical geneticist, a clinical pharmacist with specialized training in pharmacogenomics, and a genetic counselor.

Pharmacogenomics is a field of medicine that combines pharmacology (the study of the uses and effects of medications) and genomics (the study of genes and their functions). Pharmacogenomic testing is genetic testing for actionable variants in genes that impact medication response and metabolism. The results of pharmacogenomic testing could help us choose and dose medications so that they are most likely to work for you and least likely to cause side effects.

To schedule an appointment in the Pharmacogenomics Clinic, call: (617) 525-8111.

Individuals and referring providers interested in an appointment can also contact our clinical team by email at

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