Neurologic Physical Therapy (PT)

How can physical therapy help?

Physical therapy will help you know what exercises and activities to do.

Doing the prescribed exercises and activities will help you feel better and move around better.

What can you expect as the patient?

  • Research shows that a lot of practice can improve your mobility. This means you should expect to get better, but you will have to exercise at least once a day. The more the better.
  • Much of the work also happens outside of the PT clinic. Visits will focus on developing your exercise program.
  • Your PT visits will work on more challenging tasks.
  • You will have control over your progress.

What types of things will I do in physical therapy?

  • You will have a thorough examination to determine specific limitations.
  • Based on the examination and your goals, an individualized treatment plan will be established.
  • The activities and exercises specifically tailored for you will help to address those areas you are having difficulty with and for you to function at your full potential.

What about other exercise?

  • Exercise is beneficial across the lifespan.
  • You may work to develop a program for the gym based on your goals.
  • The goal is to help you be able to exercise outside of PT doing whatever exercise you enjoy.

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