Your First Thoracic Surgery Visit

Our staff is available to help you through the registration process, especially as you make your first visit. It is necessary, however that you register as a patient with Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) by calling (866) 489-4056 before coming to your first appointment.

Checking In

On the day of your thoracic surgery appointment, please proceed directly to your appointment location and check in at the front desk. They will request:

  • Your insurance cards
  • Any co-payment necessary
  • Any medical records forms
  • Any paperwork that was mailed to you to fill out

There are two different thoracic surgery offices at BWH. One is at 15 Francis Street, in the Peter Bent Brigham Building. The other is at 45 Francis Street in the Schuster Transplant Center. The location of your appointment will be specified by the new patient coordinator in a pre-appointment confirmation call.

Please Note

  • Please allow several hours for your first appointment and avoid other appointments and commitments on the day of your appointment.
  • Please also note that because this is a surgical practice, emergencies can arise that may require the surgeon to leave the office temporarily during your appointment. If this should occur, our staff will notify you that there has been a delay.

Preliminary Steps

One of our certified medical assistants will take a complete set of vital signs--blood pressure and pulse rate. You will be asked to perform a six-minute walk test followed by a series of pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and blood work if necessary. Once this is complete, a physician assistant (PA) will interview and examine you to review your medical history. We encourage you to have a family member present during the interview, so you can provide the most accurate medical information possible.

Meeting With Your Surgeon

Your surgeon will review your history and radiology studies before discussing your condition with you. Once again, we recommend that you bring a family member into the meeting with your surgeon. If the surgeon believes you are eligible, you may be offered the chance to participate in one of our clinical research studies.

If surgery is appropriate, the surgeon will discuss the type of surgery you will have, the risks and benefits of the surgery and the recovery process.

Your surgeon will also provide you with contact information should you have any additional questions later on.

If Surgery Is Not the Best Treatment

If surgery is not the best treatment for you at this time, you may be referred to the Thoracic Oncology Program located at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute or at an affiliate practice closer to your home. You will be given information about the program and the phone number of their new patient coordinator. Our office will set up your initial appointment.

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