Department of Urology

Genitourinary Reconstruction

The Department of Urology at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) has successfully corrected thousands of common and rare genitourinary problems, including those resulting from urinary tract and genital conditions, congenital abnormalities, accidents and injuries. Recognized internationally for advanced diagnostic and surgical treatment,our urologic surgeons are experts in the newest, most effective minimally invasive techniques using robotics and laser technology.

Common conditions include:

Our urology practice consists of board-certified urologic surgeons and a supportive clinical and administrative staff who work as one cohesive team to provide the best possible care for each patient. In addition, patients have full access to BWH's world-renowned academic medical center in Boston with its diverse multidisciplinary specialists and state-of-the-art facilities.

Meet Our Genitourinary Reconstructive Urology Team

Alexandra Berger, MD

Alexandra Berger, MD

Angel Polanco, Administrative Assistant

Office: (617) 983-4521
Fax: (617) 983-4820

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William R. Boysen, MD

William R. Boysen, MD

Nikki Lewitt, Administrative Assistant

Office: (617) 732-5153
Fax: (617) 525-6347

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Martin Kathrins, MD

Martin Kathrins, MD

Director, Male Reproductive Medicine

Della Zinner, Administrative Assistant

Office: (617) 732-6227
Fax: (617) 983-7139

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