Let the doctor come to you with our virtual care

Virtual Care Services for Providers

Brigham and Women's is committed to offering our providers state of the art resources to help them best serve their patients. These virtual care services allow providers to connect with each other on the patient’s behalf.


Through provider eConsults, primary care providers can get feedback from specialists on specific patient cases to see if a referral to a specialist is necessary. This type of communication has been happening informally for years but is now formalized through eCare, with many primary care physicians (PCPs) and specialists participating.

This program leverages the electronic health record (EHR) platform to connect PCPs directly with specialists to streamline and improve care. Using the EHR, PCPs can request an eConsult from a specialist, such as a cardiologist, urologist, or infectious disease physician. The process is similar to sending an email or filling out an online form. eConsults provides a formal way to track and manage these types of requests while offering PCPs access to a much larger pool of specialists.

For patients, eConsults are convenient and the collaboration between the PCPs and specialists ultimately ensures that patients get better care.

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Virtual Consults

Provider-to-provider video consults are used when clinicians at different institutions need to connect with each other about a shared patient. Sometimes, the patient is directly involved in the video encounter, such as through Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s current pilot with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. The effort is focused on improving patient care and avoiding unnecessary hospital readmissions.

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Second Opinions

Online Second Opinions (POSO) offers referring physicians and their patients remote second opinions by the world-class specialists of Mass General Brigham, of which Brigham and Women's Hospital is a founding member. We realize no one knows your patient better than you. That's why we strive to support your relationship with your patient and ensure they receive the best care possible close to home.

POSO is a physician-to-physician service. That means we require the primary doctor treating the patient to take part in the consultation process.

Getting Started

  • You will receive a letter from your patient asking for your participation
  • Register at our website and enter the patient’s unique 10-digit reference number
  • Start the consultation immediately or return to the site at a more convenient time.

If you have any questions, call 888-456-5003 (international callers: +016177249295) or email consultsinfo@partners.org. Our team is available between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

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