Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

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Newborn Intensive Care Services

Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists are seeing new and existing patients virtually and in-person as needed.

If your baby needs specialized assistance after delivery, you can take comfort in knowing that they are in the hands of a world-leading team whose experience, passion and compassion will provide the best possible care – from delivery to discharge. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is the largest and the most state-of-the-art unit in New England, caring for approximately 1,000 babies yearly. Expanded and renovated in 2017, our NICU was designed to optimize infant development, using the most advanced technologies combined with loving care. The NICU staff is prepared to treat any complication and works closely with you as they provide incomparable care for your baby.

Neonatal Care for Multiples in the NICU

Early birth is the most common risk for women carrying twins or more. Our NICU is an essential reason why Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a destination for parents expecting multiples. Rooms configured for twins and triplets make it possible for you to be with your babies 24/7. Through the Comprehensive Care Center for Multiples, families with multiple babies in the NICU can receive lactation and social work support.

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Neurocritical Care

Our skilled neonatologists and nursing specialists begin care within hours of birth to enhance and promote crucial brain development. Drawing upon the most advanced techniques to care for and protect the newborn brain, we make the most of every opportunity for your growing baby.

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Extreme Low Birth Weight Infants

We care for even the smallest babies, born as early as 23 weeks. Our skillful team provides breathing support and advanced techniques to aid growth. As babies grow, the family graduates to our unique Growth and Development area. Here, ongoing feeding assistance, physical therapy and your hands-on care begins the transition to home.

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NICU Follow-Up Clinic

We are there for you as your baby grows. During outpatient visits in a unique NICU Follow-Up Program, we regularly assess and support growth and nutrition and address any ongoing medical or developmental challenges. Our expertise, guidance and close bonds continue with you and your child until kindergarten age.

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Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists are available to connect with you in person and with Virtual Visits. To request an appointment, call 617-732-5130 or submit the form below.

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