Where Complex Care Lives

With an orchestrated, intense focus on the complex conditions that impact the human condition, Brigham and Women’s Hospital is at the forefront of shaping the future of care, research, and clinical innovation.

Doctor looking at imaging on a computer

Expanding the Possibilities of Medical Imaging

From the nation’s first FDA-approved NICU-dedicated MRI system to the ultra-high-field power of the 7 Tesla MRI scanner, we are continually expanding the possibilities of medical imaging as we seek the most precise and efficient paths to understanding the human body.

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Virtual Doctor and Patient

Significant New Insights on Home Hospital Care

This first of its kind in the United States, this clinical trial showed that home-based care for acutely ill patients could dramatically reduce costs while delivering key physical and emotional benefits for patients.

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Creating New Hope with Bioengineered Discoveries

From drugs that could restore hearing to wearable chips for the detection of heart disease, our Division of Engineering in Medicine is fully immersed in the creative exploration of unique solutions for today’s medical challenges.

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image of clear gel pills

Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Events

The REDUCE-IT clinical trial set out to test the potential impact of icosapent ethyl on cardiovascular events and found a 25 percent reduction among at-risk patients.

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image of heart and lungs

A New Era for Heart-Lung Transplantation

Building on pioneering work established during the first wave of heart-lung transplantation, a renewed heart-lung transplantation program is once again performing the rare procedure.

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“The Brigham has a unique ability to bring together highly trained and capable experts in multiple disciplines to focus on a problem.”

Hari Reddy Mallidi, MD, FRCSC