Heart Transplant Research and Innovation

Leading the Way in Research

The Center for Advanced Heart Disease offers a variety of clinical trials for patients. The Center is pioneering efforts in a number of areas, including:

  • Implantable hemodynamic monitors that allow patients to review and transmit cardiac information from home to physicians for adjustment of therapies.
  • New therapies to improve kidney function in the setting of heart disease.
  • New pharmacologic therapies to improve heart muscle structure and function.
  • Percutaneous mitral valve repair and percutaneous aortic valve replacement.
  • Cell therapy to repair injured heart tissue.
  • Innovative screening for advanced heart disease.
  • Ongoing trials for mechanical circulatory support (ventricular assist devices).
  • Total artificial heart Freedom portable driver, a small console that allows patients to go home with a total cardiac function replacement while waiting for a transplant.

Because of trials like these, there now are more options available to treat advanced heart disease and failure than ever before.

For more information, contact: Kim Brooks, RN, or Susan Anello, RN, at (617) 732-7141.

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