Center for Community and
Health Equity

Health Equity Research and Intervention

Supporting Community Engaged Science on the Social Determinants of Health

The CCHHE Health Equity Research and Intervention team conducts social determinants of health research and collaborates with individuals, institutions, and communities to contribute the best science, evidence, and resources toward eliminating inequities in health status for diverse groups.

Cardiovascular Biology of InequalityCommunity Engaged ResearchPolicy Oriented Research
Racial discrimination in heart disease riskFocus groups at Boston Career Centers to tailor curriculum to address stress related to unemploymentHealth Care Reform and the need for safety nets for women of color
Neighborhood Safety and Adipose Tissue Distribution in African Americans: the Jackson Heart StudyCommunity dialogue and data analysis to inform programs for the Mission Hill Seniors for the MissionHPV vaccination communication preferences for socially marginalized women

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To learn more about our Health Equity Research and Intervention Program, please contact us at (617) 264-8750.