College Internships

Please note that summer internships are only offered to students that successfully completed the Student Success Jobs Program (SSJP) high school program.

SSJP offers paid summer internships to 25 students who have completed SSJP during high school, are enrolled in a college or university. Historically, most students are pursuing a medical, science or health degree.

The summer internships begin in June, last ten weeks, and end in mid-August. Interns work 35 hours per week, with specific hours depending on the needs of their departments.

It is our goal to place students in departments that coincide with their specific majors in college. We aim to provide the interns with as much hands-on experience in their chosen field and exposure to health care professionals as possible so that they thoroughly understand the hospital environment. We also hope that interns can take their internship experience and translate it into success in the classroom.