Pain Management Center Services

A variety of interventions and therapies are offered for the myriad conditions that can cause pain. These range from simple office procedures, such as trigger point injections and epidural steroid injections, to fluoroscopically guided procedures, such as facet injections or lumbar sympathetic blocks.

Each patient presents a unique challenge, and occasionally multiple interventions or combinations may be the best option. Through injections, pharmacologic management, physical therapy and other methods, we are equipped to successfully treat the vast majority of our patients.

If some patients are unable to obtain satisfactory relief with the currently accepted regimens, they might be candidates for clinical trials with newer agents.

Our Philosophy

The Center’s philosophy is based on a unified approach to the evaluation and management of pain, focusing on comprehensive, interdisciplinary care of the whole patient – with consideration not only to physical functioning but also to lifestyle and emotional health.

One of the major undertakings of past Medical Director, Dr. Edgar Ross, was to create extensive treatment algorithms for painful conditions as listed by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) diagnosis coding system. The purpose and long-term goal of these algorithms is to standardize pain treatments and enable outcomes to be tracked by diagnosis. As a result, specific therapies for certain pain syndromes have been shown to have significant benefit.