Pregnancy and High-Risk History

High-Risk History Calls for Expert Care

If you experienced complications in a prior pregnancy, you will benefit by the reassurance and expertise of our high-risk obstetricians (maternal-fetal medicine specialists). Once you are pregnant again, we help you avoid repeated complications. Our experienced and supportive team includes your high-risk obstetrician, radiologists, surgeons, nurses and others who provide counseling, evaluation and medical and surgical care before, during and after pregnancy. Through preparation, expertise and multidisciplinary teamwork, our goal is to provide a healthy, safe delivery for every mother and child.

Choose Us for Optimal High-Risk Pregnancy Care

  • Our programs include: A Preterm Birth Clinic to minimize early birth and optimize the health of mothers and babies who arrive early and a Prior Stillbirth Clinic that provides careful monitoring and sensitively addresses your needs.
  • Since 2008, our Program for Surgical Obstetrics and Placental Abnormalities has cared for hundreds of women with uterine and placenta disorders and others who face a complex delivery due to irregularly shaped uterus, fibroids or prior abdominal surgery.
  • We also provide the specialized care needed after ectopic pregnancy, recurrent miscarriage and for the risks that come with pregnancy after age 35.
  • Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists partner with world-class experts throughout the hospital to address preexisting medical conditions and any that develop during pregnancy. You can be sure you are getting the best possible care with a personalized plan to address all your concerns.
  • Our team of experts offer Virtual Visits to connect with you while you stay at home. Many appointments, including an initial consult, second opinion, monitoring, or follow-up care, can effectively be held virtually so you can begin or continue your care.
  • If needed, our state-of-the-art 66-bed Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) offers the most advanced technology in New England for premature babies and newborns with medical needs.


Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists are available to connect with you in person and with Virtual Visits. To request an appointment, call 617-732-5130 or submit the form below.

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