NICU Follow-up Program

Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists are seeing new and existing patients virtually and in-person as needed. 

Unique Follow-Up Program for NICU Graduates

For babies who spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), our innovative Follow-Up Program provides close, frequent monitoring from discharge until kindergarten to make sure that your child is meeting all developmental milestones. At least twice yearly, children receive medical and neurodevelopmental assessments by a staff that includes a nutritionist, a physical therapist, a speech and language pathologist (who assists with feeding and swallowing needs) and a clinical psychologist. They provide feedback to you and your pediatrician on how best to support and enhance your child’s development.

Why Choose Us: Follow-Up Program Gives Your Child the Best Start

  • NICU Follow-Up Program offers continuity and a bridge to home after a NICU stay.
  • We focus on your child’s motor development, language and cognition.
  • We assist with referral and care coordination among specialists for any additional medical or developmental needs.
  • Your family benefits by a supportive team that knows your child and cares about you. We even address parental mental health.
  • Research shows that young brains respond to therapies that help maximize physical and cognitive development, especially when initiated early. The Follow-Up Program continues our NICU’s commitment to providing all possible expertise and attention to your child’s growth and development.


Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists are available to connect with you in person and with Virtual Visits. To request an appointment, call 617-732-5130 or submit the form below.

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