Mihm Cutaneous Pathology Consultative Service

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The Mihm Cutaneous Pathology Consultative Service (MCPCS) is a second, sometimes third, opinion slide consultation service directed by Martin C. Mihm Jr., M.D., a world renowned international expert in melanoma, other skin tumors and inflammatory disorders. He brings over 30 years of expertise and is triple board certified in dermatology, pathology and dermatopathology.

In October 2014, we welcomed Dr. Adriano Piris to our team. Dr. Piris, a former trainee and long time collaborator of Dr. Mihm, has 17 years of experience in the field of Pathology, with 10 years of training in Surgical Pathology, Oncological Pathology, Melanoma Immunobiology, and Dermatopathology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, National Cancer Institute of Milan, Italy, and the Harvard Combined Dermatopathology Training Program. This was followed by 7 years of experience as an attending dermatopathologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Benefits of a consultation:

  • Definitive diagnosis of complex cases and recommendations for therapy.
  • All slides are interpreted by the Director, Dr. Martin C. Mihm Jr.
  • All results will be received within 24-48 hours unless special stains (further testing) and/or consultation with other physicians are necessary.
  • When indicated, appropriate specimens will be subjected to molecular tests to further classify difficult and borderline lesions.


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