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Business Development

The department supports entrepreneurial and business opportunities which will provide resources to build a financial sustainability strategy that:

  • Supports the expansion of national and global business consulting
  • Provides a margin to re-invest in academic mission
  • Creates professional development opportunities for EM faculty

Recent Accomplishments in Business Development

Appointment of the Vice Chairman of Strategic Partnerships: The DEM has created a formal structure for business development, supported by a senior member of the Division of International Emergency Medicine and Humanitarian Programs.

Investment in business operational capacity: The DEM maintains several administrative and project management staff that support global consulting.

Recruitment of faculty that support business development: The DEM has hired a number of faculty that support and advance the business mission of the department.

Contractual structures that support business growth: Significant DEM leadership and administrative effort has been invested to land grants and contracts in the BWPO.

Expansion of External Business in the STRATUS Simulation Center: The DEM is the home of the STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation and has supported the advancement of its business mission for global consulting and revenue generation.

Expansion of philanthropy: The DEM has created a new and unique Advisory Board of community leaders and business entrepreneurs to assist in the acquisition of new gifts and new business relationships.


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