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Education, Research, Field Practice and Policy

Educational Programs

Harvard School of Public Health Courses

  • Societal Response to Disaster
  • Humanitarian Protection in Conflict
  • Bioterrorism: Public Health Preparedness and Response
  • Public Health Operations in War
  • Armed Violence, Health and International Law
  • Field Skills for Humanitarian Workers

Humanitarian Studies, Ethics and Human Rights (HuSEHR) Concentration


Expedition Lecture Series and National/International Lectureships

  • Emergency Medicine Development Programs
  • Frontline Healthcare in Developing World: WHO (IEMH)
  • Middle East Programs: Peace Through Health Programs (IEMH)
  • Middle East Joint Terrorism Research and Training (IEMH)
  • Indian/Rural Healthcare Telemedicine Program (IEMH)
  • Intensive International Emergency Medicine Curriculum in Romania, Nepal, and Ghana

HSPH Center for Public Health Preparedness

  • International Disaster Training (USAID-OFDA)
  • HOPE Course in Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and India
  • USAID OFDA Capacity Building Programs
  • FXB Course in Health and Human Rights

Research, Field Practice and Policy Activities


  • Public health surveillance in Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina
  • Analysis of Humanitarian Response to the Tsunami
  • Application SPHERE Standards in Tsunami Disaster Response
  • Rape as weapon of war in Darfur, Sudan
  • Livelihoods analysis and indicators of genocide in Darfur, Sudan
  • D-Tree Field Management and Decision Support
  • Perceptions of Faith Based on Organizations in Emergency Response
  • Confined Space Medicine/Decon units with STRATUS
  • NASA Hands Free Decision Support

Field Practice

  • Earthquake Disaster Response in Pakistan (IRC)
  • Public health program development after Hurricane Katrina
  • Analysis of Genocide in Darfur, Sudan (PHR)
  • Medical Relief in Banda Aceh, Indonesia (IRC)
  • Disaster Response in Gonaives, Haiti (PMO)
  • Emergency Medicine Educational Programs in Ethiopia (IEMH)
  • Peace Through Health Initiatives in Israel (IEMH)
  • Multisectoral Field Assessment in North Uganda (SP)
  • Emergency Medicine training in Romania
  • HOPE courses in Indonesia and India (collaboration with JHU)
  • Telemedicine program: HIS and Native American Health (IEMH)
  • Travel and Expedition Support (Global)

Policy Activities

  • UN Mission Briefing (Darfur, Iraq)
  • UN Mission Briefing on Peace Through Health Initiatives in Israel/Palestine
  • Senate Briefings (Darfur, Iraq)
  • Human Rights and PHR Press Releases (Darfur)
  • SPHERE Program Participation
  • Inter Action Membership
  • Op Ed Pieces (New York Times, Washington Post)


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