About the House Staff Council

Founded in 2017, the House Staff Council is a dedicated group of elected representatives from each training program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Our Mission Statement

As residents, we are on the front lines of patient care. We are grounded in the day-to-day operations of the hospital, and as such, we are well positioned to identify areas of improvement and provide insightful solutions. Our collective experience represents a valuable voice that should be heard when hospital leaders make decisions that affect our patients and our colleagues.

The Brigham and Women’s House Staff Council aims to better advocate for the issues we care about, to foster community among residency programs, and to represent house staff with a unified voice.

The Council will have members from all residency programs at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and solutions to complex problems will be born out of dialogue from the vast array of clinical specialties we represent. Undoubtedly, the important issues of the day will vary, but the principles of advocacy, community, and inclusive representation will serve as the foundation for the Council for years to come, such that we can all be a part of improving the hospital we care so much about.

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Current Representatives (2020-2021 Academic Year)

Executive Board

Vishal Arora (Internal Medicine)
Kelly Schuering (Internal Medicine/Primary Care)

Vice President
Elena Lagon (OB/Gyn)

Cathy Wang (Internal Medicine)

Vihang Nakate (Neurology)

Representatives by specialty

Anesthesia (5)
Michelle Baker
Eric Chen
Serena Dasani
Kunal Mandavawala
Brian Park

CT Surgery (1)
Morgan Harloff

Dermatology (1)
Cristy Garza-Mayers

Emergency Medicine (3)
Connor Brown
Christopher Murray

General Surgery (3)
Cullen Roberts
Biqi Zhang

Medicine - Categorical (5)
Vishal Arora
Jingyi Gong
Nick Spanos
Cathy Wang
Christine Wang
Rebecca (Becky) Zon (Heme-Onc Fellow)

Medicine - Primary Care (2)
Prihatha Narasimmaraj
Kelly Schuering

Medicine -Pediatrics (1)
Madeline Pesec

Neurology (2)
Jonathan Crowe
Vihang Nakhate

Neurosurgery (1)
Martina Mustroph

OB/GYN (3)
Elena Lagon
Ellen Murphy
Raj Reddy

Oral Medicine (1)
Shaiba Sandhu

Orthopedic Surgery (1)
Stephen Maier*
Akachimere Uzosike*

Otolaryngology (1)
Ciersten Burks*
Lucy Xu*

Pathology (2)
Mia DeSimone
Victoria Lane Thomas

Plastic Surgery (1)
Arman Serebrakian

Psychiatry (3)
Christina Maceknski
Glynis McGowan
Jessica Principe

Radiation Oncology (2)
Dalia Larios
Michael Milligan

Radiology - Diagnostic (4)
Ariadne DeSimone
Gerald Hefferman
Jeanne Kochkodan-Self
Sana Majid

Radiology - Interventional (1)
Olumide Oludlade

Urology (1)
Tracy Han*
Marie Valovska*

* Alternate

Committee Chairs

Resident Resources
Jonathan Crowe
Sana Majid

Inter-professional Relations
Raj Reddy
Arman Serebrakian

Advocacy and Inclusion
Jingyi Gong
Prihatha Narasimmaraj

Resident Outreach and Social
Serena Dasani
Jeannie Self

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