Division of Engineering in Medicine

Finding solutions for complex health problems requires the creativity of experts in a wide range of disciplines. The Division of Engineering in Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) brings together specialists in bioengineering, electrical engineering, computer science, chemistry, molecular and cancer biology, clinical medicine, physics, pharmacology, and nanotechnology to address some of the most challenging issues in medicine. The Division’s roots at BWH feature a long history of improving patient care that has resulted in more than 10 companies and 100 patents.

Today, the Division is focused on several key areas, including Functional and Regenerative Medicine and Project BME-HEAL (Biomedical Engineering for Health – Effective and Affordable for All). Our researchers are using new techniques in science and technology to impact how cells, tissues, and organs function and to optimize the delivery of life saving therapies. Examples include tissue engineering and 3D printing to address organ transplant rejection and shortage of organs available for transplantation; use of stem cells and other cellular therapies to treat autoimmune diseases, cancer, liver and kidney diseases; and the creation of nanoparticles to deliver targeted therapies for cancer and other serious diseases.

Accomplishments of our team members include:

Smartphone-based Semen Analyzer May Help Men Screen for Infertility at Home

Modeling Genetic Diseases in Mini-kidney Organoids (Joseph V. Bonventre, MD, PhD)

Growing Artificial Human Micro-livers to Fight Infections (Sangeeta Bhatia, PhD)

Inspiring Medical Innovations through Nature (Jeffrey Karp, PhD)

Making Organs from Scratch (Ali Khademhosseini, PhD)

Revealing Cancer Treatment Effectiveness in Real Time (Ashish A. Kulkarni, PhD)

Getting Stem Cells to Sites of Disease and Damage (Oren Levy, PhD)

Catching Cancer Cells in Vulnerable State (Shiladitya Sengupta, PhD)

Fighting HIV/AIDS: Detecting HIV on Paper Microchip for less than $2 (Hadi Shafiee, PhD)

Healing Muscle Trauma Using 3-D Bioprinting (Su Ryon Shin, PhD)

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