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For Brigham and Women’s Primary Care Associates Longwood Patients and Families

When you first come to Brigham and Women’s Primary Care Associates, Longwood, you will choose a primary care provider and become a key part of our patient-centered team. Our multidisciplinary clinical teams include a primary care clinician, pharmacist, clinical social worker, nutritionist, licensed practice nurse, and medical assistant. This group will be responsible for coordinating and tracking your care over time.

  • We will treat you as an individual.
  • We will address your physical and mental health needs.
  • We will work together to improve your health and keep you healthy.
  • We will coordinate your care with specialists and hospital physicians.
  • We will make use of innovative practice tools to improve the quality of care for our patients.

Patient-Practice Agreement

Our Patient-Practice agreement highlights certain behaviors and actions that providers and patients will commit to in order to accomplish attainable health goals. Please click to view our Patient-Practice agreement.


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