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Division of Global Health Equity Leadership and Faculty


  • Paul Farmer, MD, PhD, Chief and Co-Founder
  • Howard Hiatt, MD, Associate Chief and Co-Founder
  • Joseph Rhatigan, MD, Associate Chief

DGHE Faculty

DGHE is comprised of core faculty and Division affiliates.

  • Susan A. Abookire, MD, MPH*
  • MaryCatherine Arbour, MD, MPH
  • Barbara Bierer, MD
  • Margaret Bourdeaux, MD, MPH
  • Edward Briercheck, MD*
  • Gene Bukhman, MD, PhD
  • A. Enrique Caballero Robles, MD
  • Avik Chatterjee, MD, MPH
  • Lisa Cosimi, MD*
  • Ranu Dhillon, MD
  • Andrew Ellner, MD, MSc
  • Morgan Chessia Esperance, MD, MPH*
  • Temidayo Fadelu, MD, MPH*
  • Hugo Flores Navarro, MD
  • Matthew Gartland, MD*
  • Lisa Gruenberg, MD
  • Neil Gupta, MD, MPH
  • Chuan-Chin Huang, PhD
  • Jonathan Iralu, MD
  • Tahir Haque, MD*
  • Ravi Kavasery, MD
  • Sylvia Kehlenbrink Oh, MD*
  • Salmaan Keshavjee, MD, PhD
  • Serena Koenig, MD, MPH
  • Fernet Leandre, MD
  • Chunling Lu, PhD
  • Hema Magge, MD, MS
  • Aaron Mann, MD*
  • Anatole Manzi, PhD
  • Regan Marsh, MD*
  • Alishya Mayfield, MD, MPH
  • Marla McKnight, MD, MPH
  • Michelle Morse, MD, MPH
  • Jean Claude Mugunga, MSc
  • Joia Mukherjee, MD, MPH
  • Megan Murray, MD, MPH, ScD
  • Edward Nardell, MD
  • Bisola Ojikutu, MD, MPH
  • Daniel Palazuelos, MD, MPH
  • Rajesh Panjabi, MD, MPH
  • Paul Park, MD, MSc
  • Michael Rich, MD, MPH
  • Ruma Rajbhandari, MD, MPH
  • Eugene Richardson, MD, MPH
  • Peter Rohloff, MD, PhD
  • Dan Schwarz, MD, MPH
  • Ryan Schwarz, MD, MBA
  • Sara Selig, MD, MPH
  • Katherine Semrau, PhD, MPH
  • KJ Seung, MD
  • Subarna Shrestha, MD*
  • Shela Sridhar, MD*
  • Sonya Shin, MD, MPH
  • Stephanie Smith, MD*
  • Neo Tapela, MD, MPH
  • Dylan Tierney, MD, MPH
  • Gustavo Velasquez, MD, MPH*
  • David Walton, MD, MPH
  • Norma Ware, PhD
  • Rebecca Weintraub, MD
  • Bram Wispelwey, MD, MS, MPH
  • Emily Wroe, MD, MPH
  • Courtney Yuen, PhD
  • Deborah Zarin, MD

*Indicates secondary appointment


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