Global Health Equity Residency Alumni

Class of 2007
Marcy Alsan, MD, MPH
Nancy Lange, MD
David Walton, MD, MPH

Class of 2008
Claire Farel, MD, MPH
Kedar Mate, MD
Dan Palazuelos, MD, MPH
Amy Sievers, MD, MPH

Class of 2009
MaryCatherine Arbour, MD, MPH
Michael Herce, MD, MPH
Molly McNairy, MD, MSc
Koji Nakashima, MD

Class of 2010
Rebecca Hutchinson, MD, MPH
Nupur Mehta, MD, MPH
Neo Tapela, MD, MPH
Michael Westerhaus, MD, MA

Class of 2011
Natasha Archer, MD, MPH
Kevin Ard, MD, MPH
Phuoc Le, MD, MPH
Ruma Rajbhandari, MD, MPH
Elizabeth Riviello, MD

Class of 2012
Matthew Craven, MD
Ranvir Dhillon, MD
Neil Gupta, MD, MPH
Christiane Haeffele, MD, MPH
Michelle Morse, MD, MPH
Jonathan Parr, MD, MPH
Sara Selig, MD, MPH

Class of 2013
Omowunmi Aibana, MD, MPH
Narath Carlile, MD, MPH
Hilary Marston, MD, MPH
Shelene Poetker, MD, MPH
Gustavo Velasquez, MD, MPH

Class of 2014
Patrick Elliott, MD, MPH
Jessica Manning, MD
Duncan Maru, MD, PhD
Charlotte Paige Rolle, MD
Emily Wroe, MD

Class of 2015
Carlos J. Gonzalez Quesada, MD, MPH
Zahir Kanjee, MD, MPH
Alishya Mayfield, MD, MPH
Patrick Newman, MD, MPH

Class of 2016
Omar Amir, MD, MS, DTMH
Morgan Chessia Esperance, MD, MPH
Ryan Schwarz, MD, MBA
Daniel Shipley O'Neil, MD, MPH

Class of 2017
Michael Peluso, MD, MPhil, MHS, DTM&H
Elizabeth Petersen, MD, MPH
Dan Schwarz, MD, MPH
Kevin Steiner, MD, PhD, DTM&H
Michael Sundberg, MD, MPH
Cristina Toledo-Cornell, MD, MPH

Class of 2018
Peter K. Olds, MD, MPH
Bram P.Wispelwey, MD, MS, MPH
Chase Yarbrough, MD, MPH


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