Our Clinical Services

The Division of Infectious Diseases provides infectious diseases consultation services to adults with bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases as well as primary care services to patients with HIV.

Division faculty have extensive experience treating complex infectious diseases including infections of bones, joints or implants; tropical infectious diseases; surgical site infections; and infections of immunocompromised patients, including those who have HIV, malignancy, or have received an organ transplant.

Our clinical practice hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To make a patient referral, please call one of the numbers below:

  • Outpatient care at Brigham and Women's Hospital: 617-732-8881
  • Travel Clinic: 617-732-8881
  • Transplant and oncology care at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, or DFCI: 617-525-8418

Watch the video to learn how BWH has developed plans to prepare for disease outbreaks due to the Ebola virus and other emerging infectious diseases. Or, read the Understanding the Ebola Epidemic video transcript.

Inpatient Consultation Service

Our division runs an inpatient consultation service dedicated to serving patients with general infectious diseases, HIV patients and transplant and immunocompromised patients.

We provide a number of other services, including:

  • Offering infectious diseases eConsults to Brigham clinicians across various specialties
  • Providing leadership in hospital epidemiology along with infection control for hospital employees with possible body fluid or bloodborne pathogen exposures
  • Ensuring rational use of antibiotics through our antibiotic stewardship program
  • Supporting hospital-wide efforts related to COVID-19
  • Helping other primary services deal with infections complicating the course of hospitalization
  • Assisting in the care of hospitalized patients with unusual infections

Outpatient Consultation Services

We offer extensive outpatient consultation services and organized clinical and vaccine trials programs. In addition to outpatient clinics for general infectious diseases, we deliver subspecialty outpatient care in:

  • Travel health and tropical medicine vaccinations and consultation
  • Pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis
  • Transplantation infectious diseases and cancer-related infections (in partnership with DFCI)
  • Infectious diseases of women (in Chestnut Hill)
  • Anal dysplasia

Global Travel Health

Millions of people travel every year to destinations that present health risks ranging from traveler’s diarrhea and measles to malaria and yellow fever. The Brigham's Global Health Clinic is here to help international travelers have a safer, healthier trip.

Our team provides travelers with pre-travel planning, immunization and vaccines, and advice on disease avoidance. We pay special attention to the needs of immunocompromised people, pregnant women and those with other medicinal illnesses. In addition, we evaluate health issues in returning travelers and immigrants.

Travelers should schedule an initial consultation six to eight weeks before a trip, though we can often accommodate last-minute requests. Learn more here.

Clinical and Vaccine Trials

Visit the Research page for details on our clinical research activities related to novel therapeutics.

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