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Atrius Health Alumni

Residency Program in Primary Care and Population Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Atrius Health and the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute

At the end of their training, our graduates emerge with outstanding clinical skills, broad-based knowledge of clinical epidemiology, health policy and management, and health services research, as well as distinctive leadership expertise in the care of populations. These skills provide the foundation for many different careers in academic, organizational and clinical leadership.

Graduate Reflections of the Program

"I could not be more enthusiastic about my experience in the Atrius Health primary care track at BWH: a flexible, evolving learning environment that provides the warmest "home within a home" within the larger Brigham residency experience. I was continuously inspired by my stellar colleagues, who are all incredibly kind, thoughtful, and innovative people who are motivated to improve the healthcare ecosystem in broad and meaningful ways. We were supported without question by the program leadership. The HVMA/Atrius program provided an ideal space in which to nourish the humanistic development at the center of becoming a primary care physician, to hone skills in reading the medical literature, and to dream large about the sort of physician-leaders we would like to become and the healthcare system that we envision."
-Matthew Growdon, MD, Class of 2018 (AY 2019-2020: Primary Care Chief Resident at BWH, Boston, MA)

"I am grateful to have been in a residency program in which everyone -- from the administrators to the attendings to the residents – cares deeply about one another and about working together to achieve both shared and individual goals. I sense that it’s a rare privilege not only in residency training, but in medicine as a whole, to be a part of such a healthy and humane environment. In my PhD studies, I’ve learned that culture is what separates successful organizations with happy, fulfilled employees from those that struggle, and in my residency search I didn’t come across another program that had as empowering and flourishing a culture as this program."
-Scott Lee, MD, Class of 2018 (Assistant Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN)

"The BWH-Atrius Health primary care training program provided me with unparalleled opportunity and inspiration. Unlike any other program that I know of, the BWH-Atrius Health program afforded me with tremendous flexibility to explore my wide-ranging interests in mind-body medicine, food policy, physician wellbeing, and more, all in addition to learning primary care in the best imaginable setting. I am forever grateful for the phenomenal support built into the program including Bill as program director; Jim, Kathy, and Amy as Patient-Doctor leaders, Michelle David and Leann Canty as my preceptors, and Dominique as program administrator. This is a program that thrives because of its residents and the constant energy that runs through the training program, and I could not be more grateful and appreciative of everything that I received from this amazing experience."
-Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA, Class of 2018 (Primary Care Physician, Mind-Body Medicine Consultant; Revere Health Care Center and Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA)

"I feel so lucky to have trained as part of the BWH-AH-DPM program! I got the sense that there was something special about the program when I was on the interview trail, but it was hard at the time to really articulate why I felt so drawn to it. In retrospect the choice couldn’t have been clearer and I would choose it again a hundred times over. The people are by far the greatest strength of the program—I made lifelong friends within our small cohort, nested within the larger family of wonderful people at the Brigham, and topped off with the amazing mentorship and care of our teachers and advisors. But it is also the structure of this residency program that makes it so successful, and allows its trainees to retain their humanity during the grueling years of training. From the weekly sessions in humanism to the resident led curriculum to the flexibility in scheduling vacation days to the (possibly endless) support from faculty in giving us space to explore our passions, the whole experience was absolutely outstanding."
-Evan Tschirhart, MD, Class of 2018 (Primary Care Physician and Virtual Home Hospital, Atrius Health, Boston, MA)

"There is no other primary care program in the country that is like the Atrius Health. First, this program offered a setting for close one-on-one mentorship with outstanding clinic attendings that lead to relationships that are strengthened by continuity over 3 years. My clinic preceptor hand-picked patients for me and taught me not only about medicine, but also about communication, work-life balance, career development, and so much more. Second, this program allowed for flexibility in scheduling clinics and organizing our curriculum. Much of our didactics are resident-driven, giving us opportunities to improve our teaching skills, learn from the knowledge of our peers, and allow us to ensure our didactics are interactive and tailored to the group’s interests. And most importantly, this program is small enough to really feel like a small family focused on mutual support and encouragement. We were always on outpatient blocks as a group, and whenever the group is together hugs and laughter abound."
-Lexie Graham, MD, Class of 2017 (Internist/Primary Care Physician and Medical Educator, Confluence Health, Wenatchee Valley Hospital and Clinics, Wenatchee, WA)

"The small size of the BWH/AH /DPM program initially felt like a big risk, but I was impressed by the strong sense of community and family. I was grateful for individualized support from the program leadership and for the camaraderie, guidance, and teaching from my insightful, multitalented, caring co-residents. The preceptor model was also big draw for me. I felt very lucky to have two preceptors who provided longitudinal feedback and guidance, and who both truly loved their work as primary care physicians! The breadth of my clinical experience, developing relationships with patients, and working as part of the entire team was one of the most fulfilling pieces of residency."
-Elizabeth Richey, MD, Class of 2017 (Internist/Primary Care Physician and Medical Educator, Yale Health, New Haven, CT)

"I had the amazing opportunity to learn how to practice primary care medicine in a setting that encourages learning. The most notable thing about the program is it flexibility. You will be able to pursue your diverse interests as part of this program."
-Ryan Anderson, MD, Class of 2017 (Internist/Primary Care Physician and Associate Medical Director for Quality and Safety, MedStar Health, Washington, D.C.)

"The BWH/AH/DPM program is “Brigham Plus” (a term which I have stolen from a recent graduate of the program). I received all of the benefits of training at a top-flight academic center like BWH, plus the ability to practice in a high-functioning private community practice with great support. From an operations standpoint, Atrius Health serves as a role model in many respects to academic centers. It’s also important to remember that the vast majority of healthcare in this country is not delivered at academic centers, so this is an important exposure as well. In terms of the resident experience, I appreciated the strong sense of community that having all 3 years of housestaff rotate together engenders. Just 3 months into my training, I already feel like I know the whole class quite well. We also enjoyed a unique degree of flexibility in ensuring our education meets our needs. There was a lot of peer-to-peer learning and teaching, and we had control as housestaff on the topics we were taught and the speakers we invited."
-Anant Vinjamoori, MD, Class of 2017 (Internist/Primary Care Physician, Kaiser Permanente; Project Manager, Virta Health, San Francisco, CA)

"I am really lucky to have trained in this unique and wonderful program. Our small group really does feel like a family within the larger residency—I was consistently amazed and inspired by my co-residents. Since we develop and teach our own curriculum, we had the privilege both of learning from each other and working as a team to improve all aspects of our residency experience. Most important, coming out of this program, I feel really prepared to practice primary care. The quality of the clinical experience at the Atrius Health sites is outstanding. We have the privilege of spending long stretches of time on outpatient blocks getting acquainted with and integrated into our own clinics. From my preceptors and the whole clinical team at my site, I learned how to manage a broad range of primary care issues—and also how to build meaningful long-term relationships with patients."
-Sarah Post, MD
, Class of 2016 (Internist/Primary Care Physician/Medical Educator, Academic Institute, Atrius Health)

"Our program is unique in many respects. Sharing our outpatient time together among interns, juniors, and seniors is the part I will miss the most. As an intern, the benefit of having senior residents share their perspective as we discussed cases, the trials of intern year, and life after residency was obvious. Later, I was surprised by just how rewarding and enriching it was to be on the other end of this relationship. Above all, the flexibility of the program is unmatched. After ~25 years of education on rails, I was looking for a program that trusted me to steer my development into a superior clinician while leaving me time to explore my non-clinical interests. I'm happy to say that this worked out better than I could have hoped: I'm feeling confident in my clinical skills and excited about pursuing a career that fits both my clinical and non-clinical interests."
-Craig Monsen, MD, Class of 2016 (Fellow in Informatics, University of Washingtom; Medical Director of Analytics and Reporting, Atrius Health)

"The program at BWH/AH/DPM has been one of immense support and possibility. I came to Boston from the West Coast with a bit of trepidation, feeling a bit like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz, and concerned that I was blown off course. With the open arms of leadership, the structural mechanisms that allow for a fair amount of resident autonomy, and fellow residents that have a deep desire to relieve suffering caused by human disease, I found a place that would serve as a launching pad for a career in medicine. I am confident that this was the best program for me, and that anyone coming to the program will have a similarly uplifting experience."
-Kyle E. Morawski, MD, Class of 2015 (Graduate of Fellowship in Healthcare Delivery Sciences, BWH; Internist/Primary Care Physician, Atrius Health)

"One of the most unique and transformational components of the Atrius Health/HVMA program is how much flexibility there is built into the program to let you build the kind of expertise that you want. I feel that I got an amazing education and given the trust and freedom to be able to deeply explore and engage in human rights work (my area of interest) in a way that completely shaped how I think of myself as a clinician and physician. In Atrius Health/HVMA, your individual voice and interest are truly celebrated as part of the richness that you can bring to the whole group."
-Sarah Kimball, MD, Class of 2014 (Internist/Primary Care Physician, Co-Director, Immigrant and Refugee Health Program, Boston Medical Center; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine)

"The BWH/AH/DPM program provided an incredible opportunity to learn from such talented and humble physicians, teachers and researchers in a supportive and nurturing environment."
-Andrea Wershof-Schwartz, MD, MPH, Class of 2014 (Geriatrician/Clinical Educator, VMAC; Fellow in Education, Academy at Harvard Medical School; Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School)

Recent BWH/AH/DPM Alumni List and Current Positions

Class of 2019

Richard Joseph, MD: Research Fellow in Medicine, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Haley Thun, MD: Internal Medicine Physician, Gallup Indian Medical Center, Gallup, NM

Class of 2018

Matthew Growdon, MD: Primary Care Chief Resident, Brigham & Women’s Hospital (AY2019-2020), Boston, MA

Scott Lee, MD: Assistant Professor of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA: Primary Care Physician, Mind-Body Medicine Consultant, Revere Health Care Center and Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Evan Tschirhart, MD: Primary Care Physician and Virtual Home Hospital, Atrius Health, Boston, MA

Class of 2017

Ryan Anderson, MD: Internist/Primary Care Physician and Associate Medical Director for Quality and Safety, MedStar Health, Washington, DC

Lexie Graham, MD: Internist/Primary Care Physician and Medical Educator, Confluence Health, Wenatchee Valley Hospital and Clinics, Wenatchee, WA

Elizabeth Richey, MD: Internist/Primary Care Physician and Medical Educator, Yale Health, New Haven, CT

Anant Vinjamoori, MD: Internist/Primary Care Physician, Kaiser Permanente; Project Manager, Virta Health, San Francisco, CA

Class of 2016

Chethan Bachireddy, MD: Chief Clinical Innovation Officer, Medicaid, VA; National Clinician Scholars Program, University of Pennsylvania

Shubha Bhat, MD: Assistant Medical Director, Design and Innovation, Ampersand Health; Primary Care Physician at CityLife Neighborhood Clinics, Philadelphia, PA

Craig Monsen, MD: Chief Information Officer, Director Center for Analytics and Informatics, Atrius Health)

Sarah Post, MD: Internist/Primary Care Physician/Medical Educator, Academic Institute, Atrius Health

Class of 2015

Kyle E. Morawski, MD: Internist/Primary Care Physician, Atrius Health

Matthew Goldstein, MD, PhD: Head of Immunology, Tango Therapeutics

Luis Ticona, MD, MPP: Associate Medical Director for Strategy, BMC; Massachusetts General Physician's Organization; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine

YiDing Yu, MD: Founder, Twiage; Internist/Primary Care Physician, Atrius Health; Instructor in Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School


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