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Division of Medical Communications Faculty

Chief, Division of Medical Communications

Administrator, Division of Medical Communications

  • Linda L. Byron

List of Faculty

  • Michelle A. Albert, MD
  • Jerome L. Avorn, MD
  • Lindsey R. Baden, MD
  • David W. Bates, MD
  • Carolyn B. Becker, MD
  • David R. Beier, PhD, MD
  • Nancy Berliner, MD
  • Bonnie L. Bermas, MD
  • Richard S. Blumberg, MD
  • Joshua A. Boyce, MD
  • Eugene Braunwald, MD
  • Peter R. Brown
  • Christopher P. Cannon, MD
  • Augustine M. K. Choi, MD
  • Gary C. Curhan, SCD, MD
  • Utkan Demirci, PhD
  • Robert G. Dluhy, MD
  • Pracha P. Eamranond, MD
  • Arnold M. Epstein, MD
  • Christopher H. Fanta, MD
  • J. Michael Gaziano, MD
  • David E. Golan, PhD, MD
  • Norton J. Greenberger, MD
  • Jennifer S. Haas, MD
  • Simon M. Helfgott, MD, CM
  • Elliot Israel, MD
  • John A. Jarcho, MD
  • Paul M. Kasili, PhD
  • Jeffrey N. Katz, MD
  • Ingrid T. Katz, MD
  • Anthony L. Komaroff, MD
  • Daniel R. Kuritzkes, MD
  • Thomas H. Lee, Jr., MD
  • Jane A. Leopold, MD
  • Bruce Levy, MD
  • Peter Libby, MD
  • Dan L. Longo, MD
  • Joseph Loscalzo, MD, PhD
  • JoAnn E. Manson, MD, PhD
  • Graham T. McMahon, MB, BCh
  • Megan B. Murray, MD
  • E. John Orav, PhD
  • Marc A. Pfeffer, MD, PhD
  • Diana E. Post, MD
  • Stuart F. Quan, MD
  • Nicole Redmond, MD
  • David I. Rosenthal, MD
  • Susan Sadoughi, MD
  • John R. Saltzman, MD
  • Paul E. Sax, MD
  • Eric C. Schneider, MD
  • Nancy A. Shadick, MD
  • Helen M. Shields, MD
  • William H. Shrank, MD
  • Caren G. Solomon, MD
  • Anna R. Thorner, MD
  • Lori W. Tishler, MD
  • Anne C. Travis, MD, MSc, FACG
  • Gordon H. Williams, MD
  • John W. Winkelman, MD, PhD
  • Alexi A. Wright, MD


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