About the Women's Lung Health Program

Our Mission

  • to provide the finest possible care to women with respiratory disease, recognizing the unique ways that respiratory disease may impact women across their lifespan and the special approaches to management from which women may benefit
  • to identify, assess, and treat respiratory diseases that are unique to women, that manifest in gender-specific ways in women, or that require gender-specific treatments in women
  • to create new knowledge about respiratory disease in women though multidisciplinary, patient-centered research

Our Vision

  • to create a model program for the promotion of lung health and the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases in women
  • to bring together a multidisciplinary team, including medical and surgical chest physicians, other specialists, and allied care providers, in a unique collaboration to promote or restore lung health in women or ameliorate the suffering associated with respiratory disease in women and
  • to advance scientific understanding of respiratory disease in women for this and future generations

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