Osteoarthritis Center Research

Here are some highlights of what our Osteoarthritis Center research team is doing to help improve arthritis diagnosis and treatment:

  • Dr. Aliprantis’ basic science group evaluates the molecular pathways that cause osteoarthritis in animal models, with the goal of securing new drug targets. His group is also identifying osteoarthritis biomarkers, a project facilitated by a biorepository and co-managed by Aliprantis, containing hundreds of clinical samples from osteoarthritis patients.
  • Jeffrey Katz, MD, of Rheumatology and Orthopedics is conducting a multi-center trial to evaluate the efficacy of surgery to trim a torn meniscus versus non-operative management in patients with concomitant osteoarthritis.
  • Elena Losina, MD, of Orthopedics is Principal Investigator of the Osteoarthritis Policy Model, a computer simulation model that she has used to project the costs and quality of life associated with osteoarthritis, concomitant obesity, anterior cruciate ligament tear and other clinical scenarios.

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