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Philips Respironics PAP machine recall

For more information as well as frequently asked questions regarding the recall, please watch this video.

Several people use CPAP or BPAP or mechanical ventilators for treatment of sleep apnea and other conditions. As you may have heard, PAP manufacturer Philips has issued a recall notification for specific Respironics devices. For details, please visit the Philips Respironics website.

Is your PAP device recalled?

Several of the Philips Respironics devices (CPAP or BPAP or mechanical ventilators) have been recalled. A complete list of recalled devices is available on the Philips website

If you do not have a Philips Respironics device, your treatment should not be affected.

Reason for Recall

The recalled PAP devices use a type of foam which can break into small particles, which could be ingested or inhaled. This can cause symptoms including headache, irritation, hypersensitivity, nausea/vomiting. The breakdown of foam can also release toxic gas substances.

How common is this problem?

Philips has reported that these issues are uncommon. In 2020, only 1 in 3000 PAP users reported such problems. The chance of the foam breaking down into small particles is higher in those who use CPAP cleaning devices (especially the devices which use ozone). High heat and high humidity environments can also contribute to foam degradation.

Can this cause serious harm?

Philips states that the potential risks include headache, breathing problems, eye and skin irritation, nausea/vomiting, and possible toxic and carcinogenic effects.

Philips has not received reports of serious harm or death or patients being affected by chemical emissions.

Beyond this, Philips has not provided detailed information about the severity of symptoms in the patients who had these problems. Currently, we do not know about the short-term or long-term risks if you continue to use this PAP machine.

What should I do if I use a Philips Respironics machine?

  • Contact your DME company/CPAP supplier. The phone number can frequently be found on your machine. They can start the return process for your device. We do not know how long it will take to replace your PAP machine.
  • Tell your DME if you have severe sleep apnea or cannot sleep without your machine.
  • You can also register for a replacement device on the Philips Respironics website. (Contact number 877-907-7508).
  • If you cannot or do not want to wait for Philips to provide a replacement, please check with your insurer if they will reimburse for a new device. In that case, or if you want to purchase a new machine on you own, your healthcare provider can provide you with a prescription for a new device.

What should I do if I want to continue to use my PAP till I get a replacement?

Respironics has recommended that all users stop using Respironics devices.

  • If you decide to continue to use the device, please ensure that you clean it manually on a regular basis. Please avoid using any unauthorized cleaning devices for your PAP machine.
  • Follow the instructions for cleaning.
  • You can also call your home care company for instructions on how to clean your machine.
  • Avoid exposing the machine to high heat and humidity environments.
  • If you experience any problems such as headaches, irritation, hypersensitivity, nausea/vomiting or difficulty breathing while using the device, please stop using your PAP device and contact your healthcare provider immediately.

We will keep on updating our division website with any new information we receive. Please visit the website frequently for up-to-date information. If you have any further questions, or if you would like to discuss this in detail, please contact the sleep clinic for an appointment. Please be informed that due to the volume of calls and messages due to this issue, the response time may be long.


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