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Programs and Services at the Fish Center for Women's Health

The Gretchen S. and Edward A. Fish Center for Women's Health is a multi-specialty practice at Mass General Brigham Healthcare Center (Chestnut Hill). Recognized as a leader in women's healthcare for creating an interdisciplinary model of care within an academic medical center, the Fish Center for Women's Health offers a variety of specialties and programs that consider all aspects of health throughout the life span.

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Menopause And Midlife Clinic

The new Menopause and Midlife Clinic at the Fish Center for Women’s Health offers comprehensive, individualized care for the most common concerns women have during their midlife and menopause transitions. The goals of this consultative clinic are to treat symptoms and improve quality of life so that our patients feel empowered, educated, and confident. We understand that all women experience menopause differently, and our clinic encourages women in midlife and/or menopause to seek care if they are symptomatic or suffering.

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Pancreatic Cystic Neoplasm Clinic

Dr. Linda Lee, director of Women’s Health in the Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Endoscopy at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, has formed a multidisciplinary collaboration to provide a comprehensive a pancreatic service at the Fish Center for Women's Health to screen for, evaluate, and treat certain pancreatic diseases with a particular focus on pre-malignant pancreatic cysts, which are significantly more prevalent in women, and in some cases, occur only in women.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Program

Comprised of an endocrinologist, gynecologist, and dermatologist, our multi-specialty program offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the multiple manifestations of PCOS. Our team delivers collaborative and patient-centered care to treat your symptoms of PCOS. We also have onsite nutrition services and connections to the Center for Infertility and Reproductive Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Following an initial evaluation by one of our physicians, you can expect timely referrals to the appropriate specialist and individualized medical care for this common syndrome.

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Other Women’s Health Programs and Collaborations

Bridges to Moms

Bridges to Moms was founded by Dr. Roseanna Means, attending physician in the Division of Women’s Health. Since 2016, Bridges to Moms has assisted hundreds of women facing pregnancy and housing insecurity, poverty and domestic violence. Bridges to Moms specifically targets homeless and housing insecure women who are pregnant and rely on Brigham and Women's Hospital for obstetrics care.

Bridges to Moms addresses five social determinants of health: housing, transportation to appointments and to visit their babies in the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), food security, personal safety and community resources. These services are provided by an expert team of community health workers and housing specialists who work with the women in the outpatient setting throughout their pregnancies and during the baby’s first year. The goal is to improve prenatal clinic attendance, gestational age at birth, birth outcomes, maternal bonding, and reduce NICU stays. Early results show a prenatal attendance rate of over 80%, and a NICU in-person visit rate of the moms of over 90%. These results mean healthier pregnancies and stronger maternal bonding.

Over 90% of the Bridges to Moms patients are women of color. Since 2016, there have been no maternal deaths among any of the women enrolled in Bridges to Moms.

During the post-partum year, the Bridges to Moms team helps the women move forward in their health and self-sufficiency by connecting them to ongoing primary and mental health care, and steering them to Workforce Development Training programs, GED classes and ESL classes.

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The C.A.R.E. Clinic

The C.A.R.E. Clinic (Coordinated Approach to Resilience and Empowerment) was founded by Dr. Annie Lewis-O’Connor, PhD, NP-BC, MPH, FAAN, in 2011. The clinic uses a trauma-informed and patient-centered framework to assist victims of interpersonal and sexual violence and human trafficking. Patient advisors also help to develop and inform policy and procedures for the clinic. Services provided by the C.A.R.E Clinic are provided in the context of patient-centered and trauma sensitive care.

Services provided include:

  • Coordinating and collaborating with both internal and external service providers.
  • Forensic medical evaluations and photo-documentation.
  • Advocacy for medical and behavioral health needs.
  • Identification of resources.

The C.A.R.E. Clinic also serves in a consultative role for patients being seen anywhere on campus and for staff that may be experiencing violence and abuse.

Women’s Neurology Program

Working with the Department of Neurology, the division launched the Women’s Neurology Program, a first-in-the-nation. Led by Dr. M. Angela O’Neal, the program focuses on neurological evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes in areas with known sex differences and/or differential impact on women such as stroke, dementia, headaches, epilepsy, movement disorders, and sleep, including how hormonal and reproductive changes throughout a woman’s lifespan impact neurological health and disease. The program partners with multiple different talented subspecialist in neurology including those in headache, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, behavioral neurology and neuroendocrinology, as well as specialists in women’s mental health in the Department of Psychiatry.

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