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The Neurosciences Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital has a long history of scientific discoveries that have substantially advanced and improved neurological care for patients—both locally and beyond. For example, we were the first hospital to perform brain tumor surgery with the guidance of intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging. And, we’ve established one of the largest neuroscience intensive care units in the world, as well as a comprehensive brain tumor program. We’re also at the leading edge of finally understanding the underlying mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease—and orchestrating the largest ever clinical trials for promising new treatments to modify Alzheimer’s disease progression.

Yet, while the Neurosciences Center is providing advanced treatments and therapies for all manner of diseases of the nervous system, many patients and families continue to be devastated by the impacts of innumerable neurological and psychiatric diseases for which effective treatments are still lacking. Disorders of the brain and nervous system are among the leading causes of disease burden worldwide—from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to stroke, epilepsy, spine pain, and depression, to name a few.

We are leveraging new technologies to improve patient care and outcomes:

  • Our Advanced Multimodality Operating Suite (AMIGO) enables surgeons to remove brain tumors more precisely, reducing the risk of injury to surrounding areas of the brain;
  • We are studying the use of high-energy focused ultrasound as a therapy for movement disorders without surgery;
  • Our dedicated interventional radiology suite enables our physicians to diagnose and treat stroke patients in the same location, saving time and preserving brain function;
  • The STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation provides opportunities for physicians to plan and prepare for challenging and intricate medical procedures in a realistic environment.

We’re proud that the Neurosciences Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is playing an integral role in driving the development of new treatments, preventions and cures for diseases of the nervous system. Here at the Neurosciences Center, more than a thousand neuroscientists, physicians and others are leading a significant portfolio of major research initiatives—including clinical research efforts with promise for patient application in the near term.

Philanthropic support is absolutely critical to the Neuroscience Center’s ongoing progress toward understanding the root causes of diseases and developing new ways to treat and prevent them. It is often early philanthropic support that gives rise to new ideas and major new research directions. For information about supporting the Neurosciences Center and its compelling research initiatives, please go to one of the following links:

If you do not see a fund that your are interested in or prefer to speak with someone first, please email Ginny Fuller, Director of Development, or call (617) 424-4329.

Thank you, in advance, for joining the Neurosciences Center in its efforts to beat neurological disease and helping our patients live longer, healthier lives.


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