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Cystoscopy Instructions (pdf)

What is Cystoscopy?

Your doctor has recommended that you have a cystoscopy. This is a procedure that involves using an instrument called a cystoscope to look at the lining of the bladder (the area where the urine is stored), the opening of the ureters (the tubes that connect the kidney to the bladder), and the urethra (the tube that runs from the bladder to the outside of the body).

The cystoscope is a thin instrument about the thickness of a pencil and is similar to a catheter. It has a lens at the end so the inside of the bladder can be seen. It is usually attached to a television screen, so both you and your doctor will be able to see the inside of the bladder. The procedure is usually performed in the office. It does not require any anesthesia and lasts for approximately 5 minutes. While the cystoscope is being inserted you may feel mild discomfort for a few seconds. Once the cystoscope is in the bladder most of the discomfort should subside.

Why is Cystoscopy Necessary?

The cystoscopy procedure is ordered for a variety of reasons. These can include blood in the urine, frequent urinary tract infections, recurrent urinary incontinence, urinary frequency, painful urination, urinary retention (unable to empty completely), or problems from previous urinary tract surgery.

Preparation for Cystoscopy

There is no “prep” required. There is no need to come in with a full bladder. We will ask you to empty the bladder prior to the procedure. You may eat before your visit. Please take your regularly scheduled medications for the day, with the exception of aspirin or aspirin-based medications.

If you have any questions, please call the office at (617) 732-4838.


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