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Shoulder Arthroscopy Post-operative Instructions

Wound care

Keep dressing clean, dry, intact for 3 days, and then may remove. Wound may then get wet in shower only. Pat dry and cover with Band-Aid. Change Band-Aid daily. Do not put any ointments on wound. No soaking (hot tub or bath).


You can begin moving your elbow, hand/wrist today. Do not move the shoulder that was operated on. Stay in sling until your follow up appointment. Ice as often as possible the first 2-3days; 20 minutes at a time.


You have been given a narcotic medication for pain, please take as prescribed. Decrease the amount you take as your pain improves. Drink plenty of water and use a stool softener as it can be constipating. Do not drive, drink alcohol, or operate machinery/appliances while taking this medication.


First follow up appointment is about 2 weeks after the surgery. X-rays will not be needed. You will receive your Physical Therapy prescription at your first follow-up appointment. Please call your surgeon's office for follow-up appointment or questions.


Please call your surgeon's office below for follow-up appointment or questions:
Dr Matzkin: 617-525-8500

For emergencies, call 911 if life or limb-threatening. For other questions, call the office during regular business hours. For urgent issues after hours or on weekends, call 617-732-6660 and ask the operator to page the orthopaedic resident on call.


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