Join us at our new monthly Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds Series at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston

These gatherings are open to both conventional and integrative medicine researchers, clinicians, and educators from across Boston. The aim of the series is to support inter-disciplinary learning and discuss the application of integrative medicine therapies.

The format includes pre-selected discussants comprising a panel, audience Q&A, and may include the presentation of a patient. Each month a different institution from across Harvard and Greater Boston will be invited to give a clinical case presentation.

Coming Up: May 1st, 2018

“Finding One’s Own Tune: Ayurveda, Integrative Psychiatry, and a Musician’s Recovery from Bipolar Disorder”

Presenting Institution: McLean Hospital
Presenters: Marni Chanoff, MD and Rakesh Karmacharya, MD, PhD


06/05/18 Osher Center: Stretching, Connective Tissue, Inflammation and Cancer - Helene Langevin, MD

07/03/18 Massachusetts General Hospital: Paolo Cassano, PhD, MD

08/07/18 Massachusetts General Hospital: Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Mood Disorders

and other Psychiatric Conditions – David Mischoulon, MD, PhD

Presentations: Watch the Videos Here!

  •  04/03/2018 Osher: The “New Organ” in the News Watch VIDEO*

  • 03/06/2018 DFCI: Acupuncture in Head and Neck Cancer Watch VIDEO*

  • 02/06/2018 Osher Pilot Awardees: Innovative Projects in Integrative Medicine Watch VIDEO*
  • 01/02/2018 Osher: Town Hall Meeting (Not video recorded)
  • 12/05/2017 CHA: Safety of Supplements (Not video recorded)
  • 11/07/2017 Osher: Neurologic/ Chiropractic Approach to Treating Headaches (Not video recorded)
  • 10/03/2017 Harvard: Our Bodies Shape Our Minds (Not video recorded)
  • 09/05/2017 NYU and NESA: Acupuncture Therapy of Stroke Rehabilitation Watch VIDEO*
  • 06/06/2017 Martinos Center: Neuroimaging for CTS Treated by Acupuncture Watch VIDEO*
  • 05/02/2017 BHI: Atrial Fibrillation Watch VIDEO*
  • 04/04/2017 Tufts: Tai Chi for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Watch VIDEO*
  • 03/07/2017 NESA: Acupuncture for trigeminal paresthesia in adolescence Watch VIDEO*
  • 02/07/2017 Yale: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Food Intolerance (No video recording)
  • 01/03/2017 Osher: Town Hall Meeting (Not video recorded)
  • 12/06/2016 Osher: Integrated and Integrative Headache Management Watch VIDEO* 
  • 11/01/2016 DFCI: Integrative Nursing: An Ever-Evolving Caring Science Watch VIDEO*
  • 10/04/2016 Osher Center: A Patient with Gastrointestinal Distress: One Patient's Ongoing Journey Watch VIDEO*
  • 09/06/2016 Marino Center: Acupuncture Therapy for TinnituWatch VIDEO*
  • 08/02/2016 Zakim:  Reiki Therapy and Conventional Medicine Watch VIDEO*
  • 07/05/2016 No Grand Rounds, Observance of Independence Day (US)
  • 06/07/2016 Osher:  Nutritional Health Coaching in an Integrative Setting Watch VIDEO*
  • 05/03/2016 BCH:  Calmare Therapy - An Innovative Pain Treatment:  What Is It? Watch VIDEO*
  • 04/05/2016 BCH: Family-Centered Integrative Care in a Pediatric Hospital Watch VIDEO*
  • 03/01/2016 Berklee: Integrative Health through Music Therapy Watch VIDEO*
  • 02/02/2016 BWH: Contextual CBT for Medical Illness and Depression Watch VIDEO*
  • 01/05/2016 MGH: Incorporating IM Therapies into Care for Post 9/11 Veterans Watch VIDEO*
  • 12/01/2015 Osher: Core Movement Integration for Parkinson Disease Care Watch VIDEO*
  • 11/03/2015 Spaulding: Functional Restoration Program with IM for Fibromyalgia Watch VIDEO*
  • 10/06/2015 BMC: Integrative Group Visit Model for Chronic Pain Management Watch VIDEO*
  • 09/01/2015 BWH: Bariatric Care and Integrative Therapies Watch VIDEO*
  • 08/04/2015 BIDMC: An Integrative Approach for Chronic Stress and Insomnia Watch VIDEO*
  • 07/07/2015 DFCI: Multiple IM Therapies and Conventional Prostate Cancer Care Watch VIDEO*
  • 06/02/2015 MGH/NESA: Acupuncture for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Watch VIDEO*
  • 05/05/2015 BHI: Mind-Body Medicine for Crohn's Disease Management Watch VIDEO*
  • 03/03/2015 Osher: Chiropractic Treatment for Severe Back Pain and Sciatica Watch VIDEO*

*Please Note: Our videos are not optimized for smart phones. Please watch videos on a laptop or desktop.

Time and Venue

Held Monthly, First Tuesday’s
8:00am – 9:00am Followed by networking coffee hour (9:00am-10:00am)
Bornstein Family Amphitheater
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
45 Francis Street, Boston MA, 02115


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