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  • AARP - The Magazine (formerly Modern Maturity) - full text articles online from current and past issues covering health, lifestyles, financial issues, entertainment, and travel for seniors.
  • ACSM's Health and Fitness - full text articles online from the current issue, covering the areas of nutrition, weight loss, exercise, and complementary therapies. Newsbriefs feature Health and Fitness Summits and other events.
  • AHRQ Research Activities - full text articles online from current and past issues on topics that the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality oversees, on topics including women's health, primary care and mental health. Summaries of research and statistics are presented.
  • Ability - selected full text articles online from current and past issues.  Each issue focuses on a person with a different disability and includes many well-known individuals.  Content includes alternative medicine, laws and FDA rulings, technology, humor, recipes, and events and conferences.
  • American Baby - selected articles from the current issue are highlighted online. Recent topics include breastfeeding, baby sleep habits and food allergies.
  • Arthritis Today - full text articles online from current and past issues, including research, conventional and alternative therapies, exercise and self-help tips. Related conditions, such as fibromyalgia and lupus are also covered.
  • Baby Talk - full text articles online from the current issue, covering baby and new parent health issues, how to choose products like bottles, strollers or breast pumps, and a question and answer section.
  • Center for Medical Consumers HealthFacts - selected excerpts from recent issues online. Some current topics have been antibiotics in meat and poultry, chronic fatigue syndrome and weight loss.
  • Consumer Reports on Health - independent reporting on health care news and medical advances. Recent topics include options for improving vision and distinguishing between typical and cancerous moles. Sample full-text articles available online.
  • Diabetes Forecast - full text articles online from current and past issues on diabetes research, medications, recipes and products, and coverage of issues such as loss of vision and cardiovascular disease. The web version includes interactive features like live WebCasts and opportunities for readers to post their own diabetes stories.
  • Harvard Health Letter - highlights various health topics such as diabetes treatment, orthopedics and nutrition. By the Way, Doctor answers commonly asked questions.
  • Harvard Heart Letter - covers cardiac health and care issues such as high blood pressure, treatment strategies for heart abnormalities and heart-healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Harvard Men's Health Watch - provides information on subjects related to men's health including heart and prostate disease, nutrition and exercise. On Call is a section featuring questions and answers about men's health concerns.
  • Harvard Mental Health Letter - provides information, current thinking and debate on mental health issues, such as dissociation, addiction and depression. Next month's issues are listed online.
  • Harvard Women's Health Watch - features articles on women's health topics including hormone replacement therapy, weight management, heart disease and cancer.
  • Health - selected articles from the current issue online. This women's health publication covers nutrition, exercise, relaxation and stress reduction, as well as features on topics like plastic surgery and environmental hazards.
  • Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) - featured full text articles online from current and past issues. Sections include book reviews, editorials and patient information pages covering topics like cholesterol and tension headaches.
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 - featured articles online from current and past issues provide current research and recommendations focusing on cancer, heart disease, nutrition, diabetes and other health concerns of older individuals.
  • Mayo Clinic Health Letter - provides current research information and practical tips on common health issues, such as heart conditions, aging, and arthritis. The Second Opinion section offers responses to questions submitted by readers.
  • Medicine on the Net - featured full text articles online from the current issue reviewing Internet sites on health privacy, pharmaceuticals, healthcare quality and disease management.
  • New Mobility - Selected full text and abstracts from current issue are provided. Articles showcase spinal cord injury survivors, multiple sclerosis survivors, and others with mobility impairments. Features include a legal forum, a post-polio forum, and a form to submit a story for publication online.
  • National Geographic - sections of selected articles from current and past issues online, with articles on a variety of attractions in the World and new discoveries. Photographs and some animations are available.
  • Natural Solutions - tables of contents and selected full-text articles available online from current and past issues.  Topics include holistic dentistry, the power of prayer and natural approaches to a healthier prostate.
  • New England Journal of Medicine - full text articles online from the current and past issues. NEJM provides original research articles and statistics, images in clinical medicine, book reviews and case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Nutrition Action Health Letter - selected full text articles from current and past issues. The Center for Public Interest publishes this newsletter with a brand-name comparison, supplement watch, recipes and current nutrition research. Recent topics have included dioxin in foods, and margarine vs. butter.
  • PN - Paraplegia News provides full-text articles online from the current issue. Articles range from travel tips to selecting the best wheelchair to getting involved in clinical trials.
  • Prevention - full text from current and past issues online featuring articles on ailments and conditions, healthy eating, medical tests, safety, fitness and emotional health. Regular special columns include Caring for Mom and Dad and Healthy Pets.
  • Special Living - The magazine provides articles about accessibility, health, travel experiences, careers, and assistive products for physically challenged individuals.
  • Spokes 'n Sports - Wheelchair users can read full text issues of selected articles online about a wide range of sports including skiing, softball and hiking.


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