Our Chapel

Purposes of the Chapel

Brigham and Women's chapel is used by patients, family, visitors, and staff as a quiet sanctuary for prayer, meditation and relaxation. Located on the first floor of the hospital, near the Tower 1 elevators, it is at the heart of a busy and sometimes overwhelming institution where love and care are necessarily mixed with anxiety and fragile hopes.

The chapel is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please come to the chapel:

  • To have time for quiet reflection, meditation, and prayer
  • To record a prayer for yourself or a loved one on the prayer board
  • To read the religious texts and pamphlets available for general use
  • To participate in the daily Interfaith Chapel Service from 12:00pm-12:15pm. All are welcome to attend!

Chapel Windows

Outside of the chapel, there is a stained glass window, which was donated by the Cutler family in 1981. This stained glass is a representation of the Austrian Alps and was created to provide inspiration of eternal hope and a reminder of God's never-failing covenant of love.

The stained glass windows inside the chapel were designed by Kristin Mackay in 2004 and dedicated in memory of Lisa Marie Groebl, RN, a long time Brigham and Women's nurse. They are entitled "Compassionate Souls."


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