Cross Sectional Interventional Radiology (CSIR)

Daniel I. Glazer, MDDaniel I. Glazer, MD
Director, Cross Sectional Interventional Radiology (CSIR)

Cross Sectional Interventional Radiology (CSIR) performs procedures throughout the body including percutaneous biopsies, fluid aspirations, and catheter drainages of fluid collections. Image-guided therapeutic injections are performed in the spine and joints. Percutaneous tumor ablations guided by ultrasound, CT, PET/CT, and MRI are also offered. Radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation, cryoablation, and irreversible electroporation techniques are used to eradicate tumors throughout the body using needle-sized probes placed through the skin under imaging guidance. Many interventional radiology procedures conducted by this service are performed in the hospital’s Advanced Multi-modality Image-Guided Operating (AMIGO) suite.

CSIR Scheduling:

Phone: (617) 732-7785

MRI-guided Prostate Biopsies

Our service also performs transperineal MRI-guided prostate biopsies. These are performed in the MRI suite with intraprocedural MRI guidance and monitoring to ensure accurate targeting of even sub-centimeter prostate lesions.

This approach allows biopsies from any part of the gland and are particularly helpful in patients with rectal inflammation or an absent rectum (due to prior surgery). Additional indications may include a history of infection with prior transrectal biopsy, concurrent anticoagulant medication, lesions located anteriorly in the prostate or very small lesions (<10mm).

MRI-guided Prostate Biopsies Scheduling:

Phone (617) 732-7631

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