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Alumni/Mellins Society

Mellins Society is the official alumni organization of BWH Radiology’s Residency and Fellowship programs. The Mellins Society seeks to strengthen the network of BWH Radiology alums through sponsored programming that includes CME courses, grand rounds lectures, and regional events; posting and circulating job opportunities among the organization’s members; humanitarian outreach; and fundraising for initiatives central to BWH Radiology’s education mission.

Graduates of BWH Radiology Residency or Fellowship programs should email to be added to the list, or to update your contact information.

Donate to the Mellins Society

Benefits to Former Residents

  • Marked discount for admission to BWH postgraduate courses
  • Opportunities for on site minisabbaticals at BWH
  • Opportunities for case consultation
  • Networking for hiring new grads
  • Networking for finding former classmates
  • Teaching opportunities at BWH

Benefits to the BWH Program

  • Educational outreach opportunities such as visiting radiologist sessions
  • Job placement opportunities for graduates
  • Ability to survey graduates to improve our residency training
  • Develop a sense of community


We are working on our new alumni site. For more information, please contact Julie Correia, Program Coordinator.


Sharath Bhagavatula, MD
Ezra Burch, MD
Jim Chen, MD
Ravi Desai, MD
Jeffrey Guenette, MD
Aaron Marshall
Hari Nandu
Tony Trinh, MD
Brett Walker, MD
Adam Young, MD


Greg Bonci, MD
Yan Epelboym, MD
John Gilbert, MD
Oren Johnson, MD
Tatiana Kelil, MD
Hanso Kim, MD
Shanna Matalon, MD
Catherine Phillips, MD
Danielle Richman, MD
William Wrobel, MD


Paul Bunch, MD
Thanissara Chansakul, MD
Naman Desai, MD
Andrew Hil, MD
Meaghan Mackesy, MD
Aya Michaels, MD
Asha Sarma, MD
Ryan Tai, MD


Nikunj Chauhan, MD
Allyson Chesebro, MD
Jeffrey Chick, MD
Alexandra Fairchild, MD
Robert Gordon, MD
Katherine Mullen, MD
Beth Ripley, MD
Ari Sacks, MD
Jeffrey Shyu, MD


Patrick Brown, MD
Sona Chikarmane, MD
Nicholas Galante, MD
Neena Kapoor, MD
Matthew Oliff, MD
Julia Gujin Seol, MD
Scott Sheehan, MD
Shreya Sood, MD
Amish Tilara, MD
Chesebro Allyson, MD


Juan Carlos Baez, MD
Sungwon Chris Chung, MD
Nathan Himes, MD
Marie Koch, MD
Anna Lillis, MD
Jacob Mandell, MD
Amma Maurer, MD
Jonathan Opaseuth, MD
Justin Routhier, MD
Darryl Sneag, MD


Amit Bakri, MD
Donnie Bell, MD
Donnette Dabydeen, MD
Omar Javeryl, MD
Mark Liszewski, MD
Ryan Lokkenl, MD
Parham Pezeshk, MD
Christopher Selhorstl, MD
Shah Shaan, MD
Michael Weiss, MD


Vardan Amirbekian, MD
Rajasekhara Ayyagari, MD
Christopher Brennan, MD
Jonathan Hargreves, MD
Bela Kis, MD
Bill Majdalany, MD
Hesham Malik, MD
Anna McGow, MD
Michael Rosenthal, MD


Herlen Alencar, MD
Shadpour Demehri, MD
Jennife Druktenis, MD
Stephanie Howard, MD
Ainsley MacLean, MD
Tamara Oei, MD
Shashi Ranganat, MD
Jan Stauss, MD
Thornsten Sundberg, MD
Jeffrey Sung, MD
Jonathan Wang, MD
Christopher Wu, MD


Michael Baldwin, MD
Patricia Burns, MD
Raul Galvez-Trevino, MD
Angela Tai, MD
Brad Talley, MD
Thao Wagner, MD


Glenn Gaviola, MD
Patrick Jeanmenne, MD
Eva Lizer, MD
Jaime Noonan, MD
Kirstin Shu, MD
Michael Steigner, MD
Brent Townsend, MD
Andy Tsai, MD
Michele Walters, MD
Jacob Wouden, MD
Lisa Zorn, MD


Justin Genant, MD
Ajay Goud, MD
Eric Handley, MD
Gregory Hurlock, MD
Ayodale Johnson-Odulate, MD
Dmitri Segal, MD
Juan Small, MD


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