BWH Research Imaging Core (BRIC) Services

BRIC offers image acquisition and analysis services using imaging equipment at BWH. BRIC also offers image analysis and reader studies of images obtained outside of BWH and imported into the BWH research PACS system.

Imaging Study Initiation/Scheduling

A significant component of the BRIC’s infrastructure is information technology in the form of a Research PACS that mirrors the Clinical PACS in all functionalities and more and that separates the research subject’s data and information from the clinical/MRN system from scheduling to image acquisition and data management. Study subject screening and scheduling as well as image protocol and resultant data interpretation are provided in compliance with IRB protocols.

BWH Radiologist Interpretation

Radiology Assessments

This additional service is available for any research study involving human subjects via our Drug Trial Business Unit (DTBU). Services include protocol development, consultation services, and radiology reads. The assessment details and cost will be mutually agreed upon between the researcher and the DTBU. To learn more, please reach out to the DTBU administration team.

Safety Reads

All subjects have a basic minimum set of images acquired in every imaging study per their research protocol. In all cases, a board certified/board eligible radiologist interprets this basic set of images evaluating for clinically significant incidental findings. The radiology interpretation is limited to the basic set, not the Imaging research sequences are acquired unless further radiology research assessment is contracted. Subject identity and/or link to insurance information is kept private. The cost of the safety read is included in BRIC scanning costs.
BRIC Policy on Radiologist Interpretation of Images

Tumor Measurement for Oncology Clinical Trials

The Tumor Imaging Metrics Core (TIMC) provides standardized measurements of radiological scans for oncology clinical trials.

Image Storage – BWH and non-BWH Images

Image storage is provided through the research PACS system, including storage of research images from non-BWH institutions, and uploading of images from the BWH clinical PACS. There is a fee for importing and storing images from outside BWH and from the BWH clinical PACS.

Image Acquisition Experts

MRI technologists are available during clinical scanning hours (and off-hours on L1 Bays 2 and 3) and their services are included in the scanning cost. fMRI scientists are available for an extra fee to conduct fMRI stimulation.

Preclinical Image Analysis

SAIL research assistants are available to perform MRI image segmentation, registration, tumor volume and dimension measurements, and time course analyses on preclinical images obtained through the BRIC.

Application Forms

To utilize BRIC services, please fill out an application form and email to:

Karen Nolan
Senior Research Manager, Department of Radiology
Phone: (617) 525-8945

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