Advances in Pulmonary Functional Imaging Research Accomplishments

Major accomplishments: (i) Producing the world’s first human MRI scans of gas exchange in humans in 2007 with hyperpolarized 129Xe; (ii) development of an open-source 129Xe laser polarizer; (iii) development of a hyperpolarized 129Xe septal uptake method and analytical model to allow measurement of alveolar surface area per unit volume, septal thickness, and capillary transit time; (iv) development of a prototype portable NMR system that has successfully measured changes in lung density in a healthy subject; (v) demonstration that the DCE microcirculation model parameters can differentiate among different types of mesothelioma.

In 2009, hosted 4th International Workshop on Pulmonary Functional Imaging and in 2013, Dr. Patz received recognition as a Distinguished Investigator by the Academy of Radiology Research. Since 1998, Dr. Patz has received support from 17 different grants. Dr. Gill has received support from 12 different grants.

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