Non-Fourier and RF-Encoding MRI Past and Current Funded Projects


Dynamically Adaptive MRI
Biomedical Engineering Research Award, Whitaker Foundation

Purpose: The design, implementation and evaluation of adaptive methods for dynamic MRI. A specific focus is the engineering of adaptive methods in the context of fast imaging techniques such as echo-planar or fast gradient echo, which at present do not exploit known redundancy in data acquisition.


Optimal Imaging Methods for MRI
NIH R29CA70314 (First Award)

Purpose: To develop optimal methods for MRI. The methods are optimal in the sense that the engineering principles of feedback control will be applied in the imaging strategy. The focus will be on real-time applications of monitoring interventional procedures and mapping cerebral function.


Adaptive Functional MRI
NIH R01NS37922

Purpose: To develop a new method, adaptive functional MRI to enable the precise spatial localization of human brain function. The intended application of this method is preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance of neurosurgical interventions.


Improved Spatial Localization for Spectroscopic Imaging
NIH R21-R33CA110092

Purpose: To develop and apply a new method, PSF-Choice, for improving spatial localization in spectroscopic MRI. The hypothesis is that PSF-Choice, which combines the simplicity of Fourier encoding with the flexibility of non-Fourier encoding, will significantly increase diagnostic power in MR spectroscopic imaging.


Advancement and Validation of Prostate Diffusion and Spectroscopic Imaging
NIH R01 CA160902 (to Stephan Maier)

Purpose: Magnetic Resonance Imaging plays an important role for staging of prostate cancer. We propose advances of magnetic resonance spectroscopic and water diffusion scans, which promise better detection of prostate cancer based on metabolic markers and water diffusion hindered by the presence of cell membranes.


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