About Center for Clinical Spectroscopy

Future Goals

The mission statement for the Center for Clinical Spectroscopy describes several research focuses within each of our major goals: technology development, clinical translation and advocacy.

Technology Development

We continue to develop novel methods for MR spectroscopy in both hardware and software. In anticipation of the completion of the Brigham Building for the Future and the new MR facilities that will be available, we are currently developing hardware and software to take advantage of this rich resource that will enable significant improvements to conventional MR spectroscopy by increasing signal to noise and spectral dispersion for the improved detection of chemicals, and enhancing multinuclear spectroscopy methods such as 13C, 23Na, and 31P.

Clinical Translation

Each of the research projects has potential clinical applications that need to be translated into clinical use. We will continue to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations that will help identify clinical needs that can be met with MRS technology. Cross-institutional collaborations with local institutes such as the Martinos Center at MGH, Childrens Hospital Boston, and international sites, such as Tongji Medical School in Wuhan, China where we are establishing an exchange program, will help to further translate our technology for multi-center studies and greater outreach.


Complete translation of MRS into the clinic has been hampered by the lack of consensus on methodology and a paucity of evidence of utility and patient benefit. One of the goals at the Center will be to advocate for MRS by participating in international consensus efforts. This effort has resulted in a recent publication in the journal, Radiology, in which consensus was reached for clinical applications for MRS. We continue to promote spectroscopy at a local level by providing educational lectures to medical students, residents, and fellows, mentorship of students from high school through medical school, and the organization of medical education courses at Brigham and Women’s and internationally.